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 Official Element FAQ

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PostSubject: Official Element FAQ   Mon May 18, 2009 4:39 pm

Here's some answers to questions I figure some people will be asking, hopefully this topic will be useful. If you have any questions you want answered, post them. This topic is specifically for Q&A, any off topic discussions will be moved, or deleted.

Q: What are the major differences between "Old Element" and "New Element"?
A: There are several differences, but the first you'll notice is the professionalism of it. The new Element has much smoother graphics, and should also run much faster than the old one. It is more efficient than it's predecessor in every way. There are also some changes to the basic system. For example, there is no more Atk/Def/Spd Type system, in it's place is a Warrior/Ranger/Mystic class system. This allows us to break away from the limited aspect of having only three stat types, making things a bit more complex.

Q: What is the same?
A: The growth system, a major gameplay element from the original, will still remain. The real time battles are still in there, though they work a little differently than before. Many familiar enemies, locations, and characters will be present. It will of course, still be online.

Q: What of custom characters?
A: That subject is still up for debate, it caused a lot of problems with the original. The answer, however, is probably.

Q: Can I have a custom character? Shocked
A: Nope, because you asked the forbidden question. Members asking for privileges and authority not available to all only serves to frustrate those in charge, the answer to this question will always be "no."

Q: Someone is being a total [CENSORED] in-game, what do I do? Suspect
A: PM the host of the server or one of the admins with proof (screenshots, videos, quoted conversations, etc.) of their deeds, and we'll "take care of them" for you. Cool

Q: I just got banned and I didn't do anything wrong! What do I do?
A: Don't panic, there was a glitch we had in the past where users were getting messages saying that they were banned in the past without them actually being banned, so try logging in again first. If it still says you're banned, PM the server host or an admin to see what the situation is. If you feel you were wrongly banned, you can appeal to an admin via PM, but don't make a scene of it on the forums.

Q: I looked at the shoutbox at the bottom of the page, and when I logged in, there were no messages there. What's the deal?
A: Only messages that are sent since you logged in will show up. If you want to look at messages sent before then, try clicking the "Archives" link.

Q: I don't think that I'm well liked around here, any tips on forum/in-game etiquette?
A: That's not really an Element related question, but sure. Be nice to other members; you may notice one or two of the older members talk badly about one another, but these are often inside jokes that are mutually understood, so don't go thinking you can do the same as a new member. Feel free to ask questions, but search the forums to make sure your question hasn't already been answered. Don't double post, simply edit your previous post if you have something to add. Don't complain when you lose, or gloat when you succeed. It's all just basic manners you should be familiar with already, mostly; in general we're a pretty friendly group.

Q: I found something cool in game that I don't think has been discovered yet, can I post it, or upload a video?
A: Well hold on one sec, just double check the recent topics to make sure no one else has already posted it, else your topic may be closed or merged. Other than that, feel free to share. If it's something major, however, (e.g. storyline based, or a secret boss) please put [SPOILER] or something similar in the topic title.

Q: So this is made in Game Maker, huh? Can I have the source code?
A: No. As Element is an online game, handing out the source code would compromise the security of the game. Moreover, Element is a unique MMORPG, and we want to keep it that way, so we don't want to support the creation of spin-off games under the same engine.

Q: What about the old one, since you aren't using it?
A: Sorry, it isn't open source. While the old engine isn't being used, it is similar to the current one, (except that it's less efficient) and we come back to the last question: We want Element to remain, unique.

More to be added soon.


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The Dark X
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PostSubject: Re: Official Element FAQ   Sun Jul 19, 2009 2:31 am

If it weren't for the new players, I would wonder why this is even needed... Judging by the other points in the FAQ, you might want to tell them to report a bug if they find one, and remind them of the game's beta status. And also tell them that they have to bring THEIR OWN cookies. >.< *My cookiezz*
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Official Element FAQ
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