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 What to expect #2

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PostSubject: What to expect #2   Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:41 pm

Another topic about what to expect from the next beta. I'll add stuff to this list as I do it, so check back.

Bug Fixes:
-No more 'eternal battle' glitch.
-You can now see other players if you are in different areas.
-Fixed the graphical bugs involving messed up layers. (Or at least all the ones I could find.)

New Features:
-A working inventory screen! (More like a stats screen so far, still no items. Sad)

-The original sound track replaces the old temporary ones.

-A new piece of scenery, ROCKS! YAY! Very Happy
-Some expansion of the world.
-Bees now respawn at random.
-New enemy: Spider (And they also spawn at random.)

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What to expect #2
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